Monday Meows

I iz king of the bedz!

I iz jealous, also, confuzzled about gravitations.

You king away. We sleeps. Yes?

Definite yes.


Monday Meows

Watch me do my impression of a jackknife!


This is my impressed face. Do I look impressed?

I suppose all the ends are pointy and she does look foldy, but…

Monday Meows

Look at me being all meta and shit on this cat photo blogging thing!

Or I could not.

Yeah, I’m just going to blend into the background and wait for it to pass.

I’m going to be an ironic commentary on what the author SHOULD be doing.

Monday Meows

Dude, you’re hogging all the sunshine!

Yeah, feeling super guilty about that…NOT!

Oh noes, your witty repartee hath devastated me.

Was that sarcasm? Because it sounded a little snarky.

No, I’m sure he was TOTALLY serious. I can’t believe these are my bothers…


Monday Meows

I have a box and you don’t!

Yeah, sure, go with that. It looks very comfortable.

I wish I had a box…

Yes you do.

I prefer to think in a boxless environment.

Monday Meows

Watch me pull this tongue out of my face!

That trick never works!

Nothing up my sleeves…wait, do I even have sleeves?

Yeah, slight of hand fooling these guys is soooooo hard.

Monday Meows

All your stairs are belong to me!

Okay, dude, if that’s what makes you happy.

Do what you need to. I’m going with my window on the world.

And licking yourself in indelicate ways.

Hey now!

Monday Meows

He’s right below me, isn’t he?

……………………He’s right above me, isn’t he?

Yeah, this is going to end well.

But it’s riveting television. You’ve got to admit that.

Monday Meows

There I was, minding my own business, hiding in the tub…

When I saw an opportunity and…

Death from above!

…the fuck?!

Just get above it and watch the show. It’s the only way.

Monday Meows

We can nap if we want to…

We can leave you’re friends behind…

Because they don’t nap, and if they don’t nap, they’re no friends of…

No friends? Sadness. Maybe I’d better learn to nap…