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Kelly McCullough’s Find Me Page*

This is a page containing my name and a variety of bits of information which someone trying to find me via a web search might use. If you are looking for me, my main page is here and email can be sent to me via this form.

Kelly McCullough: Me.

Kelly Sorsoleil: The Sorsoleil last name is my former stepfather’s and I used it for school and other purposes from about 1976-1984.

Saint Paul Open School: I attended from 2nd Grade ~1975 to graduation in 1985

Hamline University: I was a student there in the theater in the 1985-1986 school year.

University of Minnesota: I was theater major at the U from 1986 till my graduation in the winter quarter of 1991-1992.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival: I was a performer there from 1983-1989. In that time I was part of the sailors (stripy hats), the stage manager of cartage stage, a member of The Law, worked at the track and the front gate and did lots of slapstick food fight groveling. My character names were Mormigil (Gil), Brand, and Random. I also did mask work as a troll who trash fished.

Colorado Renaissance Festival: I worked the Colorado Festival a couple of times in 1987 and 1988. For character info see the Minnesota Renaissance Festival paragraph.

Arizona Renaissance Festival: I worked the Arizona Festival in its first year 1988. For character info see the Minnesota Renaissance Festival paragraph.

Science Fiction and Fantasy: I have been working in F&SF for more than a decade publishing under Kelly McCullough and Kelly David McCullough – more info at My novels include the WebMage and Fallen Blade series. My short stories and poems have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies and I was a Writers of the Future winner in 2000. I regularly attend a number of conventions including MarsCon, MiniCon, WisCon, and Convergence.

*The idea for this type of find me page came from David Dyer-Bennet who has or had one up at his homepage