Stuff That Fell Out Of My Brain

As Wooliam Woolace once said: They can take oor fleece, but they canna take oor freedom!


My brain:

Dream Dude: I want the big score.
Me: The logistics are tough on simply carrying away anything worth that much.
DD: What about pandas?
Me: No, the panda diaper guy always wants an extra cut.
DD: Panda diapers?
Me: Sure, let me explain…

We can dance if we want to We can leave your moose behind ‘Cause your moose don’t dance and if he don’t dance Well, he’s no moose of mine


Le Comte De Frou-Frou, Lord of Poodles.


Posit: The Doors were wrong.
Consequence: When you’re strange, people often remember your name.
Result: Strange sells.
Conclusion: My entire career.


A glimpse into my brain.

Pitch line: The war on Xmas runs deep and silent in The Hunt for Red December: A war with no battles…no monuments…only casualties.

Staring Sean Connery as Santa Claus, Stellan Skarsgard as the Spirit of Secular Humanism who must hunt him down, and Alec Baldwin as an agent of the Central Retail Agency.