KellyPortraitNew - Version 3Kelly is available as a speaker on topics involving writing, science fiction and fantasy, science fiction as science education, and his own work. He may be contacted via this website’s contact form.

His chief areas of expertise include writing and selling fantasy and science fiction, using science fiction as a tool to teach science, science fiction as a predictive tool for technology, teaching writing, writing combat, F&SF writers groups, theater, fantasy and science fiction worldbuilding, plot, Shakespeare’s Richard III, and the Lord of the Rings.

His public speaking experience includes keynoting various literary and academic events,  television and radio interviews, teaching at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, guest lectures at various universities and other teaching venues, school appearances, various public readings, and numerous panel appearances at science fiction conventions throughout the Midwest. He has a degree in theater from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in performance and has also appeared on stage and at Renaissance Festivals.

For speaking engagements his rates vary, but start at $1,000 plus expenses for any venue that involves air travel or more than four hours of travel time.

He also does GoH appearances at science fiction and fantasy conventions under their usual terms subject to availability.

Video of Recent Talks:

Purdue Physics Education Seminar May 2015: Teaching Science with Science Fiction

Computers and Writing Conference May 2015 Keynote: The Author and Advancing Technology