Monday Meows

Birb. Birb. Birb. Birb is the wirb!

Do the festive lights mean we get to stuff it?

No! Birb is the wirb!


Budge up, Dude, it’s time for our closeup.

No matter how many times I visit, I never know what’s going on.

Monday Meows

And now, for an episode of OTHER PEOPLE’S CATS (insert echo effect).

Do I really have to?

Are that camera? How taste is it?

Excuse my little brother. He’s…orange. It goes like that sometimes.

You take that back!

………………………………………It wasn’t even me, dude!

I just be over here pretending to be just another leaf in the fall.

Maybe I can be too blurry to…dammit!

I am completely surrounded by madness. At least the episode is over.

Monday Meows

Halllloooooo, I kitten!

She am. Also seeester.

We kitten, therefore we is!

Wait, what? Where the hell did those things come from?

Chillax, Dude, it’s obviously a cameo.

Monday Meows

Nothin’. Why do you even ask?

Wait, why didn’t I get an invite to the plotting meeting?

I dunno, maybe because you’re not into communal decision making?

It hurts because it’s true.

I feel for you. Truly. We all do. Right, Jeeves?


Monday Meows

Let’s do cat-as-punctuation. I start. Explanation point!

Egads, Jeeves, I think he’s becoming more like you every day.

Sigh. I guess I can play along. He did say “puncture-ation”, right?

Don’t even think about it, Tuxedo Boy!

Monday Meows

Is it still above me?

The TV? Yep. Still there. Or did you mean the designer chicken?

He means the gaudy bird. Obviously. <Sigh.>

I never understand what’s going on around here.

Monday Meows

Thinking of starting a new career. Bowl, maybe?

Sometimes I hate to admit he’s my brother.

Yeah, everything was better BT. (That’s Before Tuxedos.)

Wait, that timeframe includes me. How could you?

It was my genuine pleasure, Orangey Boi.

Monday Meows

We have a serious backup on the bridge to nowhere.

Sooooo glad I took the tunnel.

Worst traffic EVAR! It made me fluffy.

It made me tired.

Have you ever thought about muffins? I mean, really thought about them…

Monday Meows

So, there I was…

Ooh, dish!

Bleah. Cheap visual pun is cheap.

If you’re going to be that way about it…

So I told it about global warming.

Did I mention, “bleah?”

“Depress button! I get it it!” *hysterical laughter*

Monday Meows

Four catkerters in search of an author…s lap.

We are not amused.

Do better, dude.

Subpar, sir, subpar.

3.2 from the ginger judge.