Online Fiction

Most of Kelly’s published short stories and poems are free to read here on the site.

Short Stories:

The Basilisk Hunter: James and Merlin are back and visiting the Australian Outback in this humorous sequel to “When Jabberwocks Attack.”

Dying Season: Jack was a farm boy with big city dreams. He wanted the magic of the theater. Urbäna glamour. He ended up living on the streets and finding a very different sort of magic. Urbäna power.

FimbulDinner: Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. They’re all wrong. It will end in dinner. When you put Odin at one end of the table, Kali at the other, and the Goddess of Discord in the kitchen, you have a recipe for disaster.

The Sharp End: Eric Waters was the last astronaut on NASA’s final mission, a flight to the outer planets. When the Phoenix lifted off, Eric couldn’t imagine wanting anything more than to bring NASA back to life. Then events forced him to expand his imagination.

Shatter: Blood and glass and haunting nightmares of a dead little boy. “Street signs have a magic all their own. They can lead you to your destination. They can direct you to your death. Ignore them at your peril.” Beware the Shatter. Beware the Urbäna.

The Uncola: Dennis used to be a working actor. Now he’s a clay pigeon. In a world where the cola wars have gone hot, even an advertising pitchman can end up in the crosshairs.

WebMage (The short story version): What happens when you hack the servers the Fates use to run the world? Ravirn and his shapechanging goblin/laptop familiar are about to find out. (Chosen in a reader poll as best story of the issue.)

When Jabberwocks Attack: James was just looking for a workstudy job. He ended up as Merlin’s sidekick on Mythical of Omaha’s Magic Kingdom. Like Arthur before him, he was about to find out about the ups and downs of life with the world’s most famous wizard.

The Wyrm OreBoreUS: E.R. was a Monster Trucks Digest kind of guy. In fact, he liked anything that was big and loud, which made him the perfect pilot for one of the hundred-ton Wyrms digging a tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean. Or did it? It never pays to get too close to a dragon, even a man-made one.


The Bees: An Edgar Allan Pooh Poem: A twisted take on Poe’s “The Bells” as seen through the eyes of Edgar Allan Pooh.

Cry Werewolf: Ever wonder whether the guy in the cube next to yours is a werewolf? Ever think that he’d be better off if he were? This poem is for you.

The Mourning After the Night of the Living Dead: or, Sometimes It Sucks to be a Vampire: With a title like that, what more can you say: or, you thought alcohol hangovers were bad.


Hanny and the Mystery of the Voorwerp—A science comic which Kelly co-authored and co-edited as part of project funded by NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope.