The Bees: A Poem by Edgar AllanPooh*

As told to Kelly McCullough
This poem first appeared in Tales of the Unanticipated, (Issue #26)


Hear the humming of the hive with the bees—
Busy bees
Leading lives of toil flitting among the flowers and the trees
They thrum thrum thrum
In the quiet afternoon
Tumbling and bumbling they come
To the gladiola and the mum
Mumbling their hummy little tune
Hovering above, ‘bove, ‘bove
The flowers in their love
With their wings softly birthing a warming breeze
From the bees, bees, bees, bees
Bees, bees, bees—
Hanging in the air dancing here and there are the bees


Here the harried hurry of the bees
Working bees
Must be making honey to face the winter’s freeze
The summer sun is dimming
So pack the combs to brimming
How their charming little buzz
Fill a bear’s dreams
With visions that he loves
Of sticky sweetness poured in golden streams
And floating in the breeze
Their airborne harmonies
Sting and tempt and tease
A bears heart to fervid pleas
Of the bees, bees, bees
Of the bees, bees, bees, bees
Bees, bees, bees—
Flying over flowering fields of clover come the bees

*A bear of very little brain but of much mystery and imagination.

Poems Copyright © Kelly McCullough 2001-2005. May not be reproduced without the author’s permission.