Monday Meows

It’s my turn to ride the magic submarine, but for me it is a plane.

That’s my gig, and you’re doing it WRONG!

Holy shit, it works, I’m flying and…Squirrel!

Not this shit again. What is with cats and byplanes?

Come come, good sir, you’re making a mockery of this very serious feature.

There are days when I wonder why I ever took this job. Then I find a warm lap.

Monday Meows

Is it me, or is cat nip AWESOME?

It is pretty awesome.

Oh, not a good sign does anybody else see the giant lizard?

Actually, we’re teeny.

That is soooooooo not okay, pffft pffft hiss.

Chill ginger, we’re all good.

Tell the teeny lizards to make the world stop spinning before I fall off, kay?

It won’t help anything, we’re just a figment of Jeeves’ imagination.

Okay, I can work with that. Wake me when he stops figmenting.

Monday Meows

Is this a plate which I see before me, its concavity towards my nose?

Roll over Shakespeare, you gotta hear it again today.

Come, let me clutch thee. I shift thee not, and yet I shift thee still.

Roll over Shakespeare, and tell Marlowe you lose.

Or art thou but a plate in the mind, a false creation of fevered brain?
Roll over Shakespeare, he mockin’ you two by two.
I sense you all do not appreciate my efforts to raise our cultural tone.

Is that what you’re doing? It sounded more like maiming the Bard.

Hmph. Thy very stonewares prate of my whereabouts…is that a bug?

Here we go…

It is a bug! Also, I’m stuck.

I can’t believe he’s one of my role models. I am going to grow up so weird.

Monday Meows

I going for magical adventure in my submarine!

Cool plan, little dude, welcome to turtle land!

Did you see a turtle go by the little mesh tube “submarine”?!

Yep. Seeing, having trouble believing.

Turtle power is magic, my little dudes.

Actually, I’m finding the whole magic submarine thing very…soothing.

Chill out, magic up, turtle out, my fuzzy dudes!

Monday Meows

Hellooo there!

Guest cats rock!

Actually, I’m too old for this paparazzi shit.

Right there with you, dude.

But we are devastatingly cute and need celebrating.

He has a point there.

I’m ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille.

Guest cats mostly provided by our good friends Stewart and Jim. The rest were provided by chance.

Monday Meows

Why did the cat cross the road?


The hell…

What? That was  totally a cat. Trust me.

I am dubious.

I am hungry. Which is to say, let’s invite the “cat” over for supper.

I can work with that.________________________ Me too.

Now hang on one cotton peckin’ minute…

I’m so confused…but I too would like to me the new “cats.” NOW!

Monday Meows

We’re thinking of getting the band back together again.


Yeah, my backup singers, while colorful, just aren’t y’all.

I hear you need a new bassist…

Sure, why not. Let’s do the album cover.

Monday Meows

I don’t know why the other cats don’t like me. I’z cute!

Also a bit of jerk, but the thumb-monkey likes him, so, I guess…

He don’t bother me, I won’t smack him silly. Final offer.

All right, I’m in, but where did he go?

Monday Meows

Hey, fellow cats, I have found endless waterz!

I also like waterz. Hmmm.

Mmmmm, waterz are good. Move over.

You too should try waterz!

Can I have waterz? I like waterz! Plz plz plz?

Too much to drink, I’ve started seeing kittens. Also head not happy.