Monday Meows

Have you ever really looked at your tail…and tried to murder it?

I’m more in tune with my body. Been practicing a lot of yogurt.

Blep, I say. Blep, and blep, and blep again, to the last syllable of recorded time!

I never understand what’s going on around here.

Monday Meows

No time for questions, get in if you want to live!

This again?

Where does she get that from?

It’s clearly NOT from my side of the family.

Wherever she gets it from, if it moves a little to the left I’ve got this!

I get it with a little help from my friends…

You are the weirdest damn bunch of cats.

Guest cat provided by Kim and Jonny.

Monday Meows

What in the everloving litterbox IS that?

What are you children up to in there?

Quick, act casual!

Do you think it’ll work?

It would take a miracle.

I don’t know what you guys are talking about, I’ve been here all day.

Monday Meows

Of course I’m comfortable. Don’t I look comfortable?


Yeah, I’m comfortable too, you can tell by how floofy my tails is.

Now, that’s funny!

How did I get saddled with three teenagers? Better nap it off.