Monday Meows

Do you know what I love about hoomans?

Their flavor?

No, it’s their big ugly pink jellybean toes!

There is something really really wrong with you.

I love their big pink jellybean towels.


No, I lied. I’m OK with body heat and can-opening thumbs, but the rest is pretty meh.

Monday Meows

My gallop ends in wall. Fuzzy, comfy…zzzzzzzz

That boy is a ten gallon hat on a three gallon mind.

Wait, are we doing a cowboy theme? I forgot my saddle.

I’ll just be over here doing a facepaw.

Monday Meows

I’m sooooooooo bored.

Sounds like a job for random leezard!

…the hell?

________________________Yeah, so much that.

Everybody love leezard! Especially teeny leezard.

No, really, they don’t.

But, and I want to emphasize this: RANDOM LEEZARD!

That’s just no okay.

Quick form circle of defense!

Monday Meows

What are the birds doing with that rocket launcher?

Oooh, I can’t watch.

Do not want rockets.

Do you ever get the feeling you missed a meeting?

___________________________________Every damn day.

Into the bunker!