One of the of the joys of being an author is that with each book I get a new opportunity to thank people who’ve helped me out. Sometimes they’re folks who’ve helped with one book. Sometimes they’ve helped me with my writing career. Sometimes they’ve helped me with life. Having a website gives me the chance to expand on those thanks and to be a little less specific to the needs of any one book and to thank some people more than once since they deserve it. So, without further ado:

Thank You All:

Laura McCullough, my love, my life, my muse. Without you, I don’t know that I’d ever have found my way to the place that I belong.

In loving memory, Phyillis Neese, my grandmother and one of my biggest fans. More than anyone, you made me who I am today.

My readers. Without you, I would be shouting into the wind. With a special nod here to my Patreon supporters like Judy and the rest of the folks who have chosen to remain anonymous for the moment.

Jack Byrne, Agent extraordinaire.

Anne Sowards, my editor at Ace, who gave me my first novel shot.

Holly West, my editor at Feiwel and Friends who has been leading me by the hand as I make my way into writing for younger readers.

Jean Feiwel, Holly’s boss and a mighty force in the industry.

Matt Kuchta, my map maker and frequent co-conspiritor for various sorts of shenanigans.

Darrell Schweitzer, George Scithers, the primary editors at Weird Tales where I first saw print.

Warren Lapine, publisher of Weird Tales at the time and a big booster of my career then and since.

Stephanie Zvan, Dave Hoffman-Dachelet, Lyda Morehouse, Shari Mann, Bill Henry, Sean Murphy, Eric Witchey. Fellow writers and close friends, all of whom have gone the extra mile for me many times.

The members of my various writers groups over the years: S.N. Arly, Anna Waltz, Stephanie Zvan (Guts and Rocks). Barth Anderson, Alan DeNiro, Paula Fleming, Manfred Gabriel, David J Hoffman-Dachelet, Burke T Kealey, Kristin Livdahl, Lyda Morehouse (Karma Weasels). Doug Hulick, Naomi Kritzer, William Henry, Eleanor Arnason, Rosalind Nelson, H. Courreges LeBlanc, Lyda Morehouse, Sean Michael Murphy, Adam Stemple (Wyrdsmiths) David J Hoffman-Dachelet, Mike Matheny, Kevin Matheny, Sean Melom, Ben Rouner (“The Ex-Boyfriends”).

The WOTF Gang: Eric Witchey, Merry Simmons, J. Simon, Philip Lees, Anna Allen, Robert Johnston, Michelle Letica, Steven Raine and Marguerite Devers Green.

Tim Powers, for showing how it’s done.

Neil Gaiman, for the loan of the dogs and the house and so much more.

The Fabulous Lorraine Garland for being fabulous.

Jim Frenkel, my first agent and the man who made sure his clients were cared for when he folded his agency.

Tracy Berg, Jim’s former assistant extraordinaire.

Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch who’ve mentored me and done so much to teach me how to be a professional.

Nancy Pickard, my window into the mystery world.

Eric Heideman, the second editor to publish one of my stories and an incredible supporter of new writers in general.

Steve Brust, who showed me how to write a cover letter and gave me a big boost early on.

Jane Yolen, for an offhand comment that inspired the key to Ravirn’s character and an ending for WebMage, and for other advice and support since.

Kevin J Anderson, Algis Budrys, Tobias Buckell, Raymond Feist, Jim C. Hines, Jackie Kessler, Stephen Leigh, George R. R. Martin, Joshua Palmatier, Kat Richardson, Pat Rothfuss, Christopher Stasheff, Laurel Winter, Laura Anne Gilman, pros who’ve helped me along the way.

Lois McMaster Bujold, Glen Cook, David Eddings, Alan Dean Foster, Neil Gaiman, Barry Hughart, Katherine Kurtz, Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton, Terry Pratchett, Emma Bull. Thank you for shaping my ideas about story.

Ted Davis, who gave me the computer that started it all.

Ben Zvan, my web guru.

Christopher Jones, for the wonderful Melchior/Connie art that heads my page here.

Theresa Zottola Drift, for putting together the bookstore page and for various tweaks around the website.

Beta Readers for various books and bobs: Karl Anderson, Angie Anderson, Norma Boe, Steve Fox, Jonna Gjevre, Oliver Goulet, Dave Hoffman-Dachelet, Sari Hoffman-Dachelet, Angela Kessler, Robert Knutson, Warren Lapine, Mike Levy, Shari Mann, Sean M. Murphy, Laura Rede, Mike Roberts, Julie Roberts, Pat Rothfuss, Sara Rouner, Laurel Winter, Bruce Zito, Ben Zvan, Stephanie Zvan, Benjamin Billman, Jason Thibeault, Matt Kuchta, Mandy Little, Rebecca Lindell, April Zvan, Patrick Rhone, Victor Raymond.

Jody Wurl, Barb Thompson, Cory Mitchell, research services.

The Deathpixies—just because.

Keith Spears for the introducing of severed hands.

Jackie Kessler, the original Jax.

Penguin Putnam People: Robert and Sara Schwager, my fabulous series copyeditors. Christian McGrath, and John Jude Palencar for cover art I love. Judith Lagerman, likewise, for cover design. Cameron Dufty, Katherine Sherbo, and Rebecca Brewer, Anne Sowards’ assistants past and present. Maggie Kao, Valerie Cortes, Rosanne Romanello, and Brady McReynolds, publicists past and present. Kristin del Rosario, interior text design. Michelle Kasper, production editor. Andromeda Macri, assistant production editor. These wonderful folks have done so much to make the WebMage books a success.

Feiwell and Friends, Macmillan: The publicity department there has been very good to me including Ashley Woodfolk, Morgan Dubin, Jeremy Ross, and Ksenia Winnicki.

Teachers: Vaughn Koenig, Jerry Jax, Joel Samaha.

My extended support structure: Bill Rouner, Nancy Rouner, Ben Rouner, James Hall, Tom Foster, Ann Robertson, Mike Levy, Sandy Lindow,  Matt Kuchta, Mandy Little, Lynne and Michael Thomas, Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch, Patrick Rhone, Bethany Gladhill, and so many more.

My mom, Carol Sorsoleil, and the rest of my family: Paul & Jane McCullough, Lockwood & Darlene Carlson, Judy Rohde, Lee Carlson, Kat Carlson, Sean Murphy, Jean Thomas, Susan Burns and the rest.

In loving memory: Phyllis Neese, Ellen Neese, Kay Marquez, George Johnson, Jerry Jax, Lee Perish, Michael Matheny.