Monday Meows

You are the wind beneath my tail!

Uh, wut?

I blep in your general direction, madam.

I thought it was kind of sweet. A whole may the road hit you in the face vibe.

There has got to be a way out of here…

Monday Meows

I iz exploratious!

That’s not a word.

Sure it is. I explorating this plant.

I think you mean “exploiting.”

I think you should see my impression of a prancing pony!

The hell, man? The hell?

Monday Meows

I think I might be developing a drinking problem. Method, not content.

I might be judging you.

I’m definitely judging her.

Which is why you joined me in licking the tub, right?

Embarrassing. All of you.

Monday Meows

What evil lurks in the hearts of cats? It me.

So there’s that. How’s your day going?

Well, this is awkward…

I cannot unsee what I have seen.

How does she get her neck to do that?



Monday Meows

I’m defying gravity.

That’s not defying gravity. THIS is defying gravity.

Oh noes, I’m being sucked into the gravity well. Lawks.

I see your gravity well and raise you a pair of eye lasers.

Food has a higher gravity than gravity. Obviously.


In Memoriam Birkie

This is late because 2020. My friends Matt and Mandy lost their elder cat Birkie along about the beginning of November. He was a dear old thing and I frequently did kitty sitting for him. I assembled the pictures for this right away, but didn’t have the heart to put it fully together in the first few days and then the steamroller of 2020 pushed it off my plate for a bit. Now, as I’m trying to catch up on all the things, I want to take a moment to remember an old friend.

This is my first picture of him from July 2011.

He was bold and friendly and always vaguely disapproving.

I love his expression.

We bonded early.

He was pretty good at posing, if he was in the mood.

This is how I will mostly remember him, demanding my attention.

With his longtime buddy, Pippen, who is also gone.

I love this shot because of the Matt photobomb.

He spent a lot of time on my shoulder when I visited.

Or my chest.

Man did he do the We Do Not Approve look well.

Climbing me again.

Run like the wind monkey steed!

Another shot with Pippen. I love the layers of shadow here.

Mmm, tuna juice…

He had a habit of blurring my shots. Lots of movement.

I love this.

Have I mentioned that disapproving look

One of my clearest shots of him in his later years.

But this is how I will remember him the most.

So long, Birkie, I’m going to miss you.