Monday Meows

Mmmm, toes…

That’s it, I’m out. Tag my paw.

Absolutely not. I am NOT getting involved in this one.

It’s just Jeeves, he probably thinks they’re little bald mice.

Monday Meows

Tail is a not a bellpull.

Kinda looks like one…

I can’t watch!

I can’t get close enough.

Pull my tail and you’re going to end up like this dust buffalo.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re totally bad, and I am VERY intimidated.

Lost Blade*


I was lost in amber like an insect slowly drowning in the fresh spilled blood of a mountain pine. Tilting my glass slowly back and forth I watched the whisky swirl, slow and sweet, not as sticky as the sap that pulsed through a dryad’s veins, but every bit as dangerous. At least for me.

I had climbed out of the bottle once, years ago—put my drinking behind me and shaped myself into someone I could be proud of again. A champion of justice, a slayer of kings, a monster who killed worse monsters. Blood. I had spilled my share and more, so very very much more.

My name is Aral and I am, or was, a Blade of Justice. I thought I knew who I was and what I was and where I needed to go, but now I’m not so sure.

*I started poking at this today. Not sure if I’ll continue, but it feels like it might be time.


Monday Meows

Don’t be alarmed by me staring at the thing over your head.

I’m a little alarmed. I hide here.

I’m a LOT alarmed.

There’s something over my head?

Monday Meows

Thumb-monkey, I’m bored, show me something amusing.

Did you say, amoosing?

No. No, she did not.

I iz confuzzled.

Nope. Not having any.

Hold me, I’m confused.

Back up. Those were dogs. 50 yard penalty for the thumb-monkey.


…………………………………….You have the weirdest cats, man.

Monday Meows

It was the best of cats, it was the worst of cats…A City of Two Tails.

An age of good views, an age of bad views.

I iz the season of light.

And I am darkness!

I think you cats may have lost the plot.

Now is the waiter of our disco tent!

Oh Great Hairy Ghods, he’s going down the rabbit hole again.

Let me tell you about my book, little brother…

Not Dead, Just Taking A Breather

Hi Folks,

I apologize for the long hiatus in Monday Meows and other posts. It was a rough spring for a variety of reasons including some pretty nasty RSI in my arms and hands. As I am getting close to recovered both mentally and physically, I am hoping to be back soon.

Monday Meows WIll Return: Prob March

Hi folks, sorry I haven’t been posting Monday Meows for the last two months. I got swamped. I intend to start up again in February if not sooner (ETA we’ve had 40 inches of snow since Jan 28, so it’s going to have to wait a bit longer because I’m still shoveling). In the meantime, have some cute cats.

Monday Meows Cat Blogging

Two bees, or…not two bees, that is a good question.

I thought we were doing the balcony scene.

Oh stings and arrows, oh outrageous fortune!

Should we tell him?

It wouldn’t do any good.

True dat.

Two dice: two sheep. No more; and buy a sheep, to say, we…end?

Where did you find this guy?

He’s my brother, and I do love him, but…well, yeah, that.

The heart-ache and the thousand neutral socks that fish is heir to…

Can somebody make him stop?

To sheep: perchance two dreams: ay, there’s the rube!

Maybe, a gentle push…

I like puss. In boots?

I wanted to, but I just couldn’t do it.

What if he hit his head and it got worse?


With thanks to Jonna and Steve for guest cat Mithril.