Screw It!—Podcast (Admission is free)

Tomorrow Night: Friday September 25th at 7pm, my wife, the fabulous Dr. Laura McCullough and I will be on stage at the Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis for a live recording of the Screw It! wine podcast hosted by  Dawn Krosnowski and Lana Rosario, a pair of talented and lovely Twin Cities actresses and comedians. This should be good silly fun with some attached discussion of art and wine. Neither Laura nor I is particularly versed in wine lore, so expect honest amateur reactions and much talk about things like books and science and art. Afterward I should have some time to sign books etc, if you should choose to bring them*

Here’s the official description:

“Author Kelly McCullough (School for Sidekicks, Fallen Blade series, Webmage series, and the Dragon Diaries fame) and his amazing wife, Laura, are gonna hang out and drink with wine with us!

You should come, too! We’ll be drinking the fabulous wine offerings that the Phoenix Theater has to offer to so you can try the wines with us!

…Hopefully they won’t be as bad as “canned wine product”…

Feel free to bring a book or twelve and your photo taking device since Kelly has agreed to do a book signing after the show.

Yay! Nerds unite! And drink wine!

(Admission is free)”

If I were more on the ball you would have had weeks of warning on this and much in the way of reminders, but I am so far underwater on the things I need to do that I’m actually feeling kind of proud that I got a post done for this at all—lowered self expectations for the win!

*Sadly, I won’t have any for sale because I’m really not set up for retail.