Monday Meows Committeea Del Arte Version

The chair would now entertain a motion to approve the minutes.

So moved.


Point of order. Dogs are not voting members of the committee.

Fine. Second.

Point of order. Neither are kittens.

The chair would now entertain a motion to nominate a new chair.


Monday Meows

You are the wind beneath my tail!

Uh, wut?

I blep in your general direction, madam.

I thought it was kind of sweet. A whole may the road hit you in the face vibe.

There has got to be a way out of here…

Monday Meows

I iz exploratious!

That’s not a word.

Sure it is. I explorating this plant.

I think you mean “exploiting.”

I think you should see my impression of a prancing pony!

The hell, man? The hell?