Monday Meows

There I was, minding my own business, hiding in the tub…

When I saw an opportunity and…

Death from above!

…the fuck?!

Just get above it and watch the show. It’s the only way.

Monday Meows

We can nap if we want to…

We can leave you’re friends behind…

Because they don’t nap, and if they don’t nap, they’re no friends of…

No friends? Sadness. Maybe I’d better learn to nap…


Monday Meows

Official vote count: Do I murder it?

How is this even a question?


Murder is ALWAYS the answer. It is the way.

Yeah, I guess I’m for murder too, but it sounds like a LOT of work…

Monday Meows

What in Bast’s nine hells is that!

That is sooooooooooo not okay.

Death from above. It’s the only way.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to getting rid of THAT!

Can we just get back to fear?

I’m okay if skip straight to death from above…

Dudes, chill. It’s just a robot cat killing machine…zzzzzzzz



Monday Meows

Ahh, the cat, noble in the mind and stance…

Likes dis?

Yeah, that’s exactly what she meant. Go with that!

I haz nobbly obleeges!

That cat has HORNS! I want me some of those…

Monday Meows

Shall we do one more of these to use the last of the uploads?

Sure we can call it the Collage of Arts and Leftovers.

Did somebody say collage?

I never got my degree, how about you guys?

I always feel boxed in by these lefteovers posts

Or is that too much of a blanket statement?

And now I’m really cutting a rug.


Monday Meows

Come closer, come closer, little rabbit…

There are no rabbits here, and if I have to come over there, you are getting SMACKED!

That works for me. Smack him!

I would like to say that violence is never the solution. I really would.

Every time I visit this place it gets a little stranger.

Monday Meows

I think I may have misplaced my back legs.

You do you, man. What’s everybody else up to?

Trying to start a blog on this notebook thingie. But my thinks aren’t printing right…

First, that’s not a notebook, it’s a clipboard. Second…nevermind.

That’s his middle name. Neveramind. Heh, I slay myself.

Somebody should.

Monday Meows

Hold still…there’s a bug on your face

And that’s how I learned to teleport.

Ooh, can you show me how to do that?


First you must learn how to planck…

Ooh, I saw what you did there, and it was quantifiably terrible.

Monday Meows

I am dark and mysterious! A born leading ma—er…cat.

Sure, lets go with that…

I’m more of waiting for Catdot, isn’t that right Estragon?

I’ll just be over here paying you all the attention you deserve.