Chamomile Memorial Monday Meows Part 3

Continuing my long photo tribute to the fabulous and much missed Chamomile Kitty, AKA the Snorflepuss, the Snuggler, and so many other names. Part one is here. And here’s part two.

Always happy to be riding a monkey.

The sun is not bright enough, and I am being let know I should fix it.

Now, that’s the right level of sun.

This makes me think she’s about to tell the world a secret.

Some friends dropped this bed off for us to pass along to other friends. Roughly 15 seconds later, Chamomile claimed it.

Chilling with her favorite sunset buddy.

This is my zoom meeting chair which she always claimed as soon as I moved.

Apparently that shelf is C for cat.

The tail!

Hanging with Wooster.

She was always very respectful of other people’s food.

Gravity dude!

You may kiss my toe beans, supplicant.

The expression.

Hello there, have you considered the benefits of cat worship?


What do you mean “inconvenient”?

Snoring away.

In later years she often slept paw extended like this.


That’s the spot.

I call caboose.

I see you.

Why would I want to use sun screen?

Teefs, meet glasses.


Chin up.

It’s CATS all the way down.

She always loved sleeping on the mailbox.

I loved the looped tail.

I claim this hand in the name of moi.

I am discontent, thumb-monkey.

Much better.


Backup on the I-5

Such a goof.

This a portrait my aunt painted of her a few months ago. I love it.

My last picture of her, smiling and happy on the deck in the sun, exactly as I want to remember her.


Chamomile Memorial Monday Meows Part 2

Continuing my long photo tribute to the fabulous and much missed Chamomile Kitty, AKA the Snorflepuss, the Snuggler, and so many other names. Part one is here.

She could be VERY demanding about getting her proper amount snuggling.

With a little help from her friends.

And the longer version of that same shot to point up just how ridiculous her position is.

You wouldn’t take my box from me, would you?

Hanging with me in my studio.

Posing on the library ladder.

Did I mention that she was a snot fountain? Because this was not an uncommon sight.

Lying down was always an exercise in risking your ability to ever be allowed to get up again.

She quite liked the cat tower my mom gave us, both inside…

And out.

Though, she wasn’t entirely sure about sharing.

She made friends easily, and concrete cat was there for her day…

And night.

Why you wake me up, thumb-monkey.

Extreme sleeping.

Here she is asleep on the mailbox.

This was taken outside by the fire table and she was super happy.

Apparently juggling balls make great pillows.

Here she is doing important committee work with the Committee for Feline Domination.

Sleepy baby.

This is her “Come over here so I can climb on your shoulder!” face.

I believe she was rubbing her nose on my eyelashes here.

She always loved it when I hold still for movies or games.

Such a sweet face.

This would be helping me pack.

Snuffle the eyelashes.

Excuse me, good sir, but why are we awake?

Shoulder cat.

Laying on my chest and utterly content. (both of us)

Getting in a last nap before the sun sets.

Excuse me, good sir, but might you have a cat treat about you?

Hoping for treats.

Waiting to be let out on the screen porch and baffled that it hasn’t happened yet.

Book ends and I love that they both have completely dorky expressions here.

That face.

She was pretty much the only cat I would let climb onto my bare chest like this (I was fresh out of the hot tub). She was always so gentle with her claws.

She loved to help Laura with puzzles.

Again, it’s the expression that makes me love this shot.

So dedicated to sleep.

That’s it for today. I’ll probably do one more.

Chamomile Memorial Monday Meows Part 1

As many of you know, my much beloved companion cat Chamomile succumbed to cancer this summer. For newer readers she’s the cream and white tuxedo. I’ve been putting off writing her a memorial post because I really didn’t want to say my final goodbyes. I’ve had a lot of cats and dogs in my life and I have loved them all, but some were extra special and Chamomile was one of those> Like Nutmeg and Isabelle and Moonshadow before her, she was MY cat and spent much of her life curled up on or near me as I worked on one book or project after another.

She came into our life because our vet and her techs practically insisted we adopt her both for our benefit and hers. She was a special needs cat, with structural sinus issues that made her a virtual snot fountain who sounded a bit like a sleepy Tasmanian Devil (the Warner Brothers kind) and total hearing loss. She also had bad teeth and a half melted ear. She was also the happiest cat I’ve ever met and she absolutely adored people and being held. She might have needed extra care and cleanup, but the rewards of having her around were amazing and I miss her dearly.

So, without further introduction, allow me to share some of my favorite pictures of a marvelous cat. There are a lot of them, because she was with us for years plus Cat Blogging. These are in loosely chronological order.

This is my very first picture of her in the window of the guest room while she was in kitty quarantine soaking up the sun which she loved.

I love her expression in this one. That’s the look she always got before running around like a squirrel in nut season.

And here she is hanging out on me, which was pretty much her main pastime after sleeping.

Here she is meeting my Isabelle cat who I will also miss forever. The kitty litter buckets are holding a screen door in place so that kitty quarantine cat and the others can get used to each other without being able to reach each other. It’s been a really good way to introduce new cats.

Miss Chamomile hanging out with some friends.

She was an absolute CHAMPION sleeper. Anytime. Anywhere.

Maniac eyes and shoulder cat. A twofer!

Doesn’t that look comfortable?

So many shoulder cat moments!

The face of a cat about to sneeze on you.

Competition sleeping.

I am a total sucker for kitties covering their eyes.

Early detente with Isabelle.

Bad teeth made her a blep queen

Sooooo dedicated to sleep.

Manic activity in 3.2.1…

All the blep!

Those eyes!

Snuggling with Laura and the late and much loved Ms. Ashbless.

This is the morning after we had to put Isabelle down. Things to know. 1) Isabelle loved to curl up in my arms when I was sleeping and did so regularly for 15 years. 2) Chamomile basically never slept in my arms before or after the few days after Isabelle died. I can’t look at this one without tears.

A queen of being comfortable in ridiculous poses and places.

Sleeping champion!

Our cats are not generally allowed outside. But occasional exceptions were made on the caveat that said cat stayed firmly on a lap. She loved to do this.

I really like the composition of this shot. It shows off her coloring so well.

This is from shortly after we lost Ashbless and adopted Bodi.

Chamomile with her favorite toy and exhibiting her unfailing dignity.

Feed me, Thumb-Monkey!

Purring face.

Helping me pick the right card.

Play face.

Dis my box.

Right after we adopted Jeeves and Wooster.

I paused for a moment while toweling off and someone jumped up.

Team sleeping. Also very popular here at Chez McCullough.

With Laura. I just love this.

She and the boys got on great, though her relationship with Bodi was somewhat more strained.

This makes me happy.

Queen of sleep. I love how this looks like an action shot in the midst of a high dive…or maybe that’s just me.

Waiting to ambush Jeeves, I think.

Monday Meows

Have you ever really looked at your tail…and tried to murder it?

I’m more in tune with my body. Been practicing a lot of yogurt.

Blep, I say. Blep, and blep, and blep again, to the last syllable of recorded time!

I never understand what’s going on around here.