Monday Meows

Who knows what ebils lurk in the darkness of the fridge!?

Oh, honey…

That’s the cat you’ve chosen to apprentice yourself to, orange boi!

Whatevs, I’m just learning his photogenic ways for my own…purposes.


I am too cute and too smart to hang out with these losers…yet here I am.

Monday Meows

I can FLY!

Ooh, let me try that…how high do you have to jump from?

This will end with a THUD, and the determination to try again. Sigh.

I cannot believe this is my life with three little brothers.

Monday Meows

Dude, you’re embarrassing me!

Yeah, that’s kind of his deal.

What R em-bar-ass?

That’s what happens when you sit too close to the fire.

I’m soooooo disturbed that he has an apprentice now.


Monday Meows

I’ve got a sinking feeling…

I can’t believe you went there.

Never doubt my dedication.

I think we should bag it, tag it, and call it a night.

Somewhere out there, is a better job.

Beneath clear banana skies.

Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve missed an important explainer?

Every day, every damn day.


Monday Meows

*sniffs* Chateau lafeet-rothschild…2022?

That is NOT okay.

Don’t kink shame, it’s not cool.

I’m more a chardonnay cat, myself…

Monday Meows

Dammit, I’m late for my committee meeting!

Yeah, me too. Feeling pretty bad about it.

The urgency is almost palpable…

There’s nothing I look forward more to than a good meeting…

Sure, we all make it on time, and the chair sleeps in…

Monday Meows

Dignity. Above all things. Dignity.

100 Percent, Mon Capitan! 100 Percent!

I don’t think that word means what you think it means…

That’s never stopped them before.


Monday Meows

Tube one loaded and ready to fire.

Tube two loaded and ready to fire.

Transient! Launch! Launch! Launch!

You guys are really strange. You know that, right?

Monday Meows

I’m tooooouching Bodi.

You realize she’s going to slap the shit out of you, right?

Speaking of which…

Yep. 4.5 from the Felinian judge.

Monday Meows


Is it a good plan? Or is it a bad plan?

It’s not a plan at all! It’s a Jeeves.

Spelled b.a.d.p.l.a.n….

I refuse to dignitate that with answeration.