Monday Meows

Look what I just coughed up.

*horking noises*

That looks AWFUL.

This is why you should not lick the other cats.

I dunno, I’ve got this tangle on my tail…

Monday Meows

No shit, there I was…

What are you is?

Day drinkers, I think.

I suppose it takes all kinds, but personally I prefer cord noming.

Ooh, sign me up!

Please tell me that wasn’t a kitten.

Monday Meows

Wherever we go…

Whatever we do…

We’re gonna go through it…


Wait, what the hell was that?

Just let it go and keep doing the number: TOGETHER!


Monday Meows

Wait, is that the sacred volcano of Lake Menomin?

The what now?

*flames waving* Hallloooo? Anybody home?

That is not okay.

I dunno. It’s more or less a ginger. Ergo: Solidarity!

Monday Meows

What the hell is that?

Winter comes to Avalon.

It’s no basis for a system of government.

You take that back!

Rule by Tortie. It’s the only way.


Monday Meows

I am having the hardest time communicating with these guys…

Do you wanna tell him?

Too easy.

Pick me! I’ll do it.

Monday Meows





What? You’ve never seen a guy vitamin C loading before?

Monday Meows

We were told there would be snacks.

How about pettin’s?

I can work with that.

Pettin’s are the best!

It’ll do.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, now that’s the stuff.

Monday Meows

Paint me like your French cats, Jeeves!

You are the strangest little cat.

Yeah, he’s a weirdie!

Says the tortie I caught doing this the other day.

Monday Meows

Ah man, it’s empty

I have no clue how that could have happened.

He’s lying!

Like dis?

Is all good now, this bowl is full of me!