Monday Meows

Since the regulars decided to blow off work last week, I’m running an all-guests episode.

Leezard is in!

That’ll show ’em. Wooverines!

Also cute lil turtles.

Disturbing Fashion Dog reporting for duty!

Oooh, excellent, I was just on my way to a march for inanimate rights!

Refraction makes for misdirected snackies.

Ducking right!

Always close with lemurs. And, team nap in 3, 2, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday Meows

All in favor of blowing off this week’s episode and napping instead?



Can’t. Raise. Paw. Too. Tirezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Motion passes unanimously.

Monday Meows

I think it’s time we had a meeting about all the “guest stars” lately.

I’d like to weigh in here on behalf of my clients.


Yeah, that’s probably not okay.

But…eeeet looks deleeeecious.

He’s Jeeves, but he does have a point…nom nom nom.

Monday Meows

Hey, dis spa is broked! I’z not bubble or water!

You heard the lady, fix it. Also close the door and hit extended wash.

Be right there, fixing the pool first.

Was that another ducking leezard?

Yep. Lil duckers.

Still better than the damned guest cat. In MY house.

Monday Meows

Grawr! …said the dapper yet elegant leezard king.

Oooooh, that looks interesting.

The fuck? I thought I was the headline guest for this ep?!

Dammit, it’s that little monster cat again!

Talk to the toes, lil monster.

I am feeling anxiety about all the guest stars. Am I getting written out?

No, never*.

………..Perish the thought.

*Dibs on his dressing room.

Monday Meows

New interpretive dance piece dropping.

We were just leaving.

Critics, man…

2.5 from the Leezard judge.

Also, the original was better, if I do say so myself.

I prefer Shakespeare.

Monday Meows

I am the jelly filling in the doughnut of life.

That’s profound.

No, it absolutely is not. There was no thought involved.

Not even the sound of one brain cell flapping.

Monday Meows

Hep, I’z trapped innnna corner!

Good luck with that.

Sure, you laugh now, but he really can’t get out on his own.

I’z dreamin of royaling it up innnna parade! Elbow elbow, wrist wrist…

Monday Meows

Do you want to see the back half of a cat?

No, absolutely not.

Then you get front half with a blep!

I’m surrounded by idicats!


Monday Meows

Look at me!

The fuck was that?!

Birb! Really big birb.

I’z hidin’ so it no eats me.

Chill, my dude, iz not that kind of birb.

Okay then, nap party over here!