Monday Meows

Is this a plate which I see before me, its concavity towards my nose?

Roll over Shakespeare, you gotta hear it again today.

Come, let me clutch thee. I shift thee not, and yet I shift thee still.

Roll over Shakespeare, and tell Marlowe you lose.

Or art thou but a plate in the mind, a false creation of fevered brain?
Roll over Shakespeare, he mockin’ you two by two.
I sense you all do not appreciate my efforts to raise our cultural tone.

Is that what you’re doing? It sounded more like maiming the Bard.

Hmph. Thy very stonewares prate of my whereabouts…is that a bug?

Here we go…

It is a bug! Also, I’m stuck.

I can’t believe he’s one of my role models. I am going to grow up so weird.