Chamomile Memorial Monday Meows Part 3

Continuing my long photo tribute to the fabulous and much missed Chamomile Kitty, AKA the Snorflepuss, the Snuggler, and so many other names. Part one is here. And here’s part two.

Always happy to be riding a monkey.

The sun is not bright enough, and I am being let know I should fix it.

Now, that’s the right level of sun.

This makes me think she’s about to tell the world a secret.

Some friends dropped this bed off for us to pass along to other friends. Roughly 15 seconds later, Chamomile claimed it.

Chilling with her favorite sunset buddy.

This is my zoom meeting chair which she always claimed as soon as I moved.

Apparently that shelf is C for cat.

The tail!

Hanging with Wooster.

She was always very respectful of other people’s food.

Gravity dude!

You may kiss my toe beans, supplicant.

The expression.

Hello there, have you considered the benefits of cat worship?


What do you mean “inconvenient”?

Snoring away.

In later years she often slept paw extended like this.


That’s the spot.

I call caboose.

I see you.

Why would I want to use sun screen?

Teefs, meet glasses.


Chin up.

It’s CATS all the way down.

She always loved sleeping on the mailbox.

I loved the looped tail.

I claim this hand in the name of moi.

I am discontent, thumb-monkey.

Much better.


Backup on the I-5

Such a goof.

This a portrait my aunt painted of her a few months ago. I love it.

My last picture of her, smiling and happy on the deck in the sun, exactly as I want to remember her.