Chamomile Memorial Monday Meows Part 2

Continuing my long photo tribute to the fabulous and much missed Chamomile Kitty, AKA the Snorflepuss, the Snuggler, and so many other names. Part one is here.

She could be VERY demanding about getting her proper amount snuggling.

With a little help from her friends.

And the longer version of that same shot to point up just how ridiculous her position is.

You wouldn’t take my box from me, would you?

Hanging with me in my studio.

Posing on the library ladder.

Did I mention that she was a snot fountain? Because this was not an uncommon sight.

Lying down was always an exercise in risking your ability to ever be allowed to get up again.

She quite liked the cat tower my mom gave us, both inside…

And out.

Though, she wasn’t entirely sure about sharing.

She made friends easily, and concrete cat was there for her day…

And night.

Why you wake me up, thumb-monkey.

Extreme sleeping.

Here she is asleep on the mailbox.

This was taken outside by the fire table and she was super happy.

Apparently juggling balls make great pillows.

Here she is doing important committee work with the Committee for Feline Domination.

Sleepy baby.

This is her “Come over here so I can climb on your shoulder!” face.

I believe she was rubbing her nose on my eyelashes here.

She always loved it when I hold still for movies or games.

Such a sweet face.

This would be helping me pack.

Snuffle the eyelashes.

Excuse me, good sir, but why are we awake?

Shoulder cat.

Laying on my chest and utterly content. (both of us)

Getting in a last nap before the sun sets.

Excuse me, good sir, but might you have a cat treat about you?

Hoping for treats.

Waiting to be let out on the screen porch and baffled that it hasn’t happened yet.

Book ends and I love that they both have completely dorky expressions here.

That face.

She was pretty much the only cat I would let climb onto my bare chest like this (I was fresh out of the hot tub). She was always so gentle with her claws.

She loved to help Laura with puzzles.

Again, it’s the expression that makes me love this shot.

So dedicated to sleep.

That’s it for today. I’ll probably do one more.