Screw It!—Podcast (Admission is free)

Tomorrow Night: Friday September 25th at 7pm, my wife, the fabulous Dr. Laura McCullough and I will be on stage at the Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis for a live recording of the Screw It! wine podcast hosted by  Dawn Krosnowski and Lana Rosario, a pair of talented and lovely Twin Cities actresses and comedians. This should be good silly fun with some attached discussion of art and wine. Neither Laura nor I is particularly versed in wine lore, so expect honest amateur reactions and much talk about things like books and science and art. Afterward I should have some time to sign books etc, if you should choose to bring them*

Here’s the official description:

“Author Kelly McCullough (School for Sidekicks, Fallen Blade series, Webmage series, and the Dragon Diaries fame) and his amazing wife, Laura, are gonna hang out and drink with wine with us!

You should come, too! We’ll be drinking the fabulous wine offerings that the Phoenix Theater has to offer to so you can try the wines with us!

…Hopefully they won’t be as bad as “canned wine product”…

Feel free to bring a book or twelve and your photo taking device since Kelly has agreed to do a book signing after the show.

Yay! Nerds unite! And drink wine!

(Admission is free)”

If I were more on the ball you would have had weeks of warning on this and much in the way of reminders, but I am so far underwater on the things I need to do that I’m actually feeling kind of proud that I got a post done for this at all—lowered self expectations for the win!

*Sadly, I won’t have any for sale because I’m really not set up for retail.


Some Thoughts on Communication: Clarity, Engagement, and Codeshifting

An academic friend asked me if I would be willing to put together some thoughts on how I use communication skills in my profession. Since I’m a novelist, a wall of text fell out. I thought it might be of use to others, so here it is.

As an author with a dozen novels in print, my entire job is communication. Primarily that’s via the written word in my fiction, and on social media which I use to keep in touch with my audience and draw in new readers on the professional side, but I also do a lot of public speaking and appearances.

In the written form I mostly work at novel length, but also do things like twitter micro-fiction to keep people entertained in the long gaps between novels. Working at 140 characters is a particular challenge as you’re forced to pack a lot of meaning into a tiny space. Often, in my case including a full joke including punch line, since much of what I do is humor.

That tiny space in need of a big punch is also something I do on the public speaking side of my job. I do a lot talking on panels at science fiction conventions and literary events. When you’ve got four to six people all talking over the course of an hour event, you have on average 10-15 minutes total to address the topic, and to make an impression on the audience. Usually that will come in a series of 30 second to 2 minute chunks in which you need to try to do as many of the following as possible: address the topic, be wise, be clever, be funny, be profound, share your love of the work, share the space with fellow panelists, don’t be a jerk, advertise for you work. Note, I put advertise last. On panels your job, beyond addressing the topic, is to make yourself interesting and likable enough for people to want to look into what you do.

On the public speaking side, I also do personal appearances at schools, keynote speeches, and readings/signing at bookstores and other venues. Each of those requires different sorts of public speaking skills.

Schools are generally mix of reading from my work and question and answer. Kids are a tough audience. They get restless easily, they don’t want to be talked down to, and they’re very curious. I generally keep reading sections with kids to very short pieces and try to spend more time addressing their questions. I’ve found that treating them with complete honesty and like miniature adults in terms of respect is what works best for me there.

Another note on question and answer involves making sure your audience has heard the question and that you’re answering the right thing. With quiet speakers or people who are anxious or otherwise garble the question, I will often restate it for the audience while making eye contact with the speak to make sure I’m really representing what they’ve asked. Sometimes this involves code-shifting, i.e. taking a question that’s asked in a very academic way and shifting it into a more vernacular sort of speech. Or, taking a convolute or slangy construction and rephrasing it more succinctly and clearly.

Keynotes are tougher. I’m a writer by trade which means I normally spend my days alone with a keyboard. Giving a 30-50 minute speech followed by question and answer is a radically different environment and it always makes me very happy that my background is in theater which taught me the value of clarity, enunciation, speaking at a conversational pace, vocal discipline and sustain and how not to say “um” all the time. It also taught me to practice my speeches beforehand.

My theater background is also a huge benefit to me for readings, where it helps me with characterization, dramatic timing, and making sure my audience feels I’m engaging them. For example, I simulate lots of eye contact during a reading—making sure to look out into the audience and rest my eyes on faces in different places. That’s my theater teachers taught me to do even when completely blinded by spotlights and a dark house. I used to do actual eye contact when I could, but I can’t shift between near and far vision that well anymore.

Signings, which often coincide with readings are another and different communication challenge. You need to give a little time and genuine attention to everyone who comes out to have a book signed. These are your hard core readers, the people who most care about your work and they’ve earned that consideration. Especially those who come out again and again. I’m terrible with names, and I make that part of my patter. I let people know that I remember their faces and when I’ve seen them before even if I can’t remember names or spell them to save my life.

That connection is what’s really at the core of all of my non-fiction communication. Whether it’s chatting with people on twitter who’ve liked my work, answering fan mail, meeting readers at signings, or making eye contact while reading and giving speeches, you have to make sure to actually connect with people, to respect them, communicate clearly, and to make sure you’re giving them your best self.

I’m a local politician as well as an author, and many of these things are cross platform skills: the speech making, the clarity and engagement, etc. This is especially true of the code shifting, which I want to talk about a bit more, as it’s something that’s often overlooked or undervalued. My most valuable skill for politics, which is mostly meetings, is code-shifitng. English isn’t really one language, it just sounds like it.

Academics, for example, use one primary set of jargon when speaking casually with each other, a separate one for written communication that will be part of the permanent record, and wide variety of in-disicpline lexicons. Or, a Wisconsin dairy farmer and a corporate lawyer may well use the same words but with meanings that vary from the same, through similar, to wildly different. I do a lot of inter-English translation as part of the politician side of my life.

Code-shifting is a skill honed through theater and public speaking, but developed through growing up in a variety of settings. My earliest memories are of being rural poor in North Dakota living with my single mother and grandmother—one version of English. At six I moved to Saint Paul and became urban poor—another version. As I went to a hippie school and we moved into the middle class, I learned two more sets of the English language. At ten my mother remarried to a carpenter—yet another set terms and meanings. When I went to college I learned both basic academic and the professional jargon of theater. When I later married and my wife went to grad school, I learned both of the more advanced forms of basic academic as well as the specialized versions of education and physics.

Being able not just to code-shift, but to recognize when people are speaking different versions of English and help bridge the gap between the two is one of my best and most useful communication skills. It helps with every part of my job as a novelist and public speaker as well as my political hobby.

Foxman Short, and School For Sidekicks

My short story The Totally Secret Origin of Foxman: Excerpts from an EPIC Autobiography, is up at where you can read it for FREE!

This is the first public taste of my School for Sidekicks universe which launches at novel length on August 4th with School for Sidekicks. Here are a couple of reviews for the novel: Kirkus. Publisher’s Weekly.

In related news, I will be doing a number of launch events:

On August 4th at 7pm at the Har Mar Barnes and Noble in Roseville MN, I will be reading and signing.

On August 6th at 3pm EST (2pm CST) I will be doing a reddit Ask Me Anything

On August 8th at 1pm I will be signing books at Uncle Hugo’s in Minneapolis MN. You can order in advance and have me custom sign things and then they will ship them to you, if you’re so inclined.


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Darkened Blade Launch Day

Darkened Blade is out today! One bizarre and possibly self-protective quirk of my psychology means that every time I have a book out it comes as a huge surprise to me on launch day.

*panics* *runs around like poultry sans cranium* *deep breaths*

So, yes, Darkened Blade is the 6th and final book of the Fallen Blade series and it’s out today and it would be awesome if you all went out and bought it. Maybe even two—it makes a great present, slender affordable, shiny cover, good a paperweight, absorbs spills, etc.

And now I’m off to hide under a rock until my reading tonight at the Har Mar Barnes & Noble in Minnesota

If you’re wondering where else I might be doing things that involve the book or appearances in general. Here’s my current list of upcoming appearances.

More info on Darkened Blade on it’s own page here at my website which includes an excerpt. Or the the Fallen Blade series as a whole…

Oh, and here’s a recent interview I did at Scrivener’s Soapbox podcast if the Darkened Blade launch day scramble isn’t more than enough me for you.

Upcoming Appearances Through July

One week warning: I will be reading from Darkened Blade at 7pm on April 28 at Barnes & Noble in Roseville MN

I will be at the Lafayette IN Barnes and Noble on May 2nd from 1:00pm-3:00pm.

I will be at Uncle Hugo’s in Minneapolis on Saturday May 9th at 1:00 PM.

On May 28 I will be giving a keynote speech followed by a signing at the Computer & Writing Conference at the University of Wisconsin Stout at 11:45 am.

I will be at the 4th Street Fantasy Con June 26-28 in Minneapolis MN.

Finally, I will be at CONvergence in Bloomington MN July 2-5.

Retro Friday Cat Blogging

Mug shots are such a pain. I need to get arrested less often.

Sometimes lazer eyez need kickstart

Not paranoid, the aliens really are out to get me.

Told ya I could see over my belly, now help me outta here!

Marge, pass me the remote, wouldja.

(Originally published on the Wyrdsmiths blog January 28 2011, and original comments may be found there. Reposted and reedited as part of the reblogging project)

Drawn Blades Launch Day

So, I wrote this book called Drawn Blades and it’s out today, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d tell everyone and maybe buy a copy. It’s the 5th book in my Fallen Blade series and I’m really excited about it. Here’s a sample of chapter one.

Details: I’m doing a reading tonight October 28th at Barnes and Noble in Roseville MN at 7pm, with a Q&A and signing after. I’m also going to be doing a signing on Nov 1st at Uncle Hugo’s who will happily take orders for and ship custom signed books if you contact them.

If you can’t make one of the events, you can still get a book. Buy links:


Barnes and Noble.



Kelly’s CONvergence 2013 Schedule

Friday July 5, 2013 7:00pm – 8:00pm, Room 2201


Kelly McCullough will be available to read work from his newest book (actually, I’ll probably read from the next one). Panelists: Kelly McCullough.

Saturday July 6, 2013 2:00pm – 3:00pm, Sofitel Bordeaux

Writing For Different Formats

A discussion about how writing styles change when one is writing in different formats. How do you adjust? What is the same? Panelists: Rob Callahan, Sean E. Williams, James Moran, Kelly McCullough, Roy C Booth

Saturday, July 6, 5:00pm – 6:00pm, Autograph Table

Signing – Kathy Sullivan/Kelly McCullough/Emma Bull

Kathy Sullivan, Emma Bull and Kelly McCullough will be available to sign their works. Panelists: Kathy Sullivan, Emma Bull, Kelly McCullough.

Sunday, July 7, 12:30pm – 1:30pm, Edina room

Atheist Authors

How do authors’ personal views influence their works? How does the atheist author approach writing the fantastic? Panelists: Melinda Snodgrass, Rob Callahan, Kelly McCullough, Aimee Kuzenski, Peter Hautman.

Sunday, July 7, 2:00pm – 3:00pm, Sofitel Bordeaux

Use of Magic in Books

There are may ways to structure a magic system. What are some of the best and how what does it take to make a system of magic convincing and interesting? Panelists: Caroline Stevermer, Sean M. Murphy, Kelly McCullough, Lou Anders, Haddayr Copley-Woods

Blade Reforged/June Appearances

People of Mpls/St Paul. Tomorrow (Saturday June 29th) I will be at Uncle Hugo’s from 1:00-2:00 and Barnes and Noble Har Mar from 3:00-4:30 signing books. The following weekend I will be at CONvergence where I have a reading at 7pm on Friday and signing on Saturday at 5pm.