Monday Meows

A short horror story told in pictures.

We open on a cat, intrigued by the NOISE UNDER THE CHAISE

I will hunt it down!

The hell, dude!?

Oh, wait…that’s the spot.


We must never speak of this again.

Monday Meows

I hate his fuzzy orange butt soooo much.

Thought experiment, what if he was twins?

Like this?

Ooh, I want to watch this one from a safe distance.


Monday Meows

I’m watching you.

And him.

And them.

You’d better not be watching me.

Don’t look over your shoulder, but that’s what the gargoyle is for.

Monday Meows

Rug riders unite!

I prefer Sofa Surfin’ USA

Rug and roll all the way, baby!

Carpet is better—kitty tower power, my dudes!

Amateurs. The real pros do monkey luge.

Monday Meows

Does anyone else want to taste mah knees?


It’s a TRAP!


Monday Meows

Please ignore charging cord, am totally not animatronicat!

Very interesting…but stupid.


And I am not origamikitty…promise…can someone unbraid my feet?

Monday Meows

Wherever we go…

Whatever we do…

Whoever we smack…

She’s going to hit me now, isn’t she?

I can’t watch

Monday Meows

Random birb!

That is one huge-ass turkey.

You’re a huge-ass turkey! No, she was talking about you!

Should I tell them?

Let them fight…

Monday Meows

I iz king of the bedz!

I iz jealous, also, confuzzled about gravitations.

You king away. We sleeps. Yes?

Definite yes.


Monday Meows

Watch me do my impression of a jackknife!


This is my impressed face. Do I look impressed?

I suppose all the ends are pointy and she does look foldy, but…