Monday Meows

For me? You shouldn’t have!

They didn’t. You only came by it because of an unhappy chance!

It could have been mine.

It should have been mine.

I iz still a loaf!

We will have it my precious, oh yes, we will have it.

Monday Meows

I’m bored.

I’m bored by this board.

I’m filled with a sort of existential ennui.

Isn’t dat just a fancy way of saying bored?

No sir, it’s a philosophical statement about the very nature of engagement.

Yeah, now I’m bored too. G’night.

Monday Meows

All right, cue the Mission Impossible Theme!

Oh no.


Jeeve’s isn’t the only weird one.


You know, I was just leaving…


Pretty good move, that one.

Mission Accomplished!


Monday Meows

The gravity has me it its grip, hep!

Can’t talk, being sucked into a massive black hole.

You ever get the feeling that a singularity is creeping up on you?

That’s why I have a patented anti-black hole light box!