Added Features/Reblogging

Today’s reblog post is a little bit different. I just hit the point in my old posts where I put up A Writer’s Index to Making Light, and A Making Light General Index. which I have now added to my permanent pages over here on

When I wrote the original posts I had just gone through and read all of Making Light to that point as part of my program of ongoing research/writing-education/fun reading in my field. As a way of integrating and digesting the information, I created a couple of topical indexes—yes, I am the sort of geek who finds creating topical indexes to be fun and diverting. Sadly, these days I just don’t have the kind of time necessary to create or even update indexes.

Making Light is an online community founded by Teresa Nielsen Hayden whose current frontpage poster/moderators include: Avram Grumer, Jim Macdonald, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and Abi Sutherland. It is an enormously rich source of publishing industry and writing information as well as a place filled with interesting intellectual discussion on a myriad of other topics. If you’re a writing in the f&sf field and you’re not at least periodically checking in on Making Light, you’re very much missing out.

So, here they are: A Writer’s Index to Making Light, and A Making Light General Index

(As with all my reblogging posts, the originals are still up over at the Wyrdsmiths blog and original comments may be found there. Wyrdsmiths versions: General Index, and A Writer’s Index to Making Light)