The Swedish Inquisition

[Jarring Chord]

Door bursts open stage left, a voice offstage cries: “No one expects the Swedish Inquisition!”

Enter via the door: Gonzo, Crazy Harry, and the Swedish Chef all dressed in cardinal’s robes.

Chef: Nubudy ixpects zee Spuneesh Inqooeesishun! Oooor cheeeff veepun is soorpreese-a…soorpreese-a und feer…feer und soorpreese-a

Gonzo: Fear, Surprise, and Chickens!

Crazy Harry chuckles madly and pulls a dynamite plunger from under his robes.

Crazy Harry: Surprise!

Pushes down handle, and…


End Scene.


Minutes pass.

The smoke fades.

Voice in the dark: Crazy Harry plays with thumbscrews!

Diabolical laughter.