Monday Meows Cat Blogging: Remembering Pippin

Those of you who have been following my cat blogging for a while know that in addition to our own floofs, we have a few recurring guest cats. Sadly one of our frequent fuzzy friends has passed from this world. Pippin was a big fluffy powder puff who was much adored by his humans, Matt and Mandy. He was generally much less impressed with me, but that was because we most often interacted when I was playing substitute human while Matt and Mandy were off having adventures, and I was hardly adequate compensation for the lost time with his loved ones. I’ll miss him.

This is the 1st picture from the 1st time I cat sat. He was not impressed.

That was a theme.

Though, he liked Laura well enough when she was available

Here he is with his “brother” and age mate, Birkie.

And his baby “sister” Trilly.

Mostly I saw him like this.

He loved his food.

Even to the point of tolerating indignity for treats.

This is one of the last pictures I took of him after he’d slowed a bit.

Dignity in all things.

And my favorite picture of him.

Goodbye, Pippin, I’m glad I got to know you. (More pics follow)

But I’m out of heart for captions.