Friday Cat Blogging Now On Saturday Morning

Did you hears something sneaking up behind me?

No. Not this time. Not that last time. In fact, never. Nothing is sneaking up behind you.*

That’s snow moon! That’s a polar bear sneaking up behind Jordan!

Whatvever dudes! I’m just gonna chill here and think about The Hobbit.

Me too, awesome trainwreck of a movie.

And on a completely different note. Tail crosshairs engaged on target.

Firing space based kitten cannon in 3.2.1…

Dude this is the strangest cat blog I’ve ever been in.

It’s because I’m trapped under a Princess. If I move, she’ll kill me. Send help.

*Why, yes, that is an advance copy of Martha Wells’ Emilie and the Hollow World,

and it is all mine!