Friday Cat Blogging

Okay, chill off in 3. 2. Zzzzzzzzz.*

I’m in.

Can’t touch this!

I see and raise—off to my forever home!**

Me too!**

See ya later, cats, I’ll still be here in the garden, lovin life.**

Beat this for chill style!

Chill…whoops, I thought you said be chilling. Dammit!

*Thanks to Neil, Kim, and Jonny for some guest regulars

**And to Tabby’s Cat Cafe for our other visitors 2 of whom were heading for their forever homes when I took these pics. Sherman McSnugglemuffin and Primrose of the Lawn are off to new stomping grounds while the lovely Rita Rolly-Polly continues to entertain the regulars for a bit longer.