Friday Cat Blogging

February 8, 2013 in Friday Cat Blogging

Go ahead and tell the story without me. I’m kinda tired today.

Dude, if you’re not gonna show, then don’t actually show. I hate working with amateurs.

So embarrassed.

Is this episode where I run onna wall!? Like dis!

No, I think this is one where I play the walrus on the ice flow. Like dis. Cheap set.

Wonder what’s going on down in the next panel with the cats of Castle Gaiman…

I found a redhead, and I’m so excited I could…eh I’m a cat, excitement isn’t  my thing.

It is mine! I’m a dog! Dogs Rock! Do you think she’d hold me like that next?

I see dead people…well, once I kill them that is. Sorry, just thinking. Is that camera on?