Creators for Cosplay Day

The wonderful comics creator Gail Simone has dubbed today Cosplay Appreciation Day, and I’m completely down with that. As a novelist I don’t often see my characters get cosplayed, but I love it when I do. Also, for anyone who doubts the way I feel about Cosplay, may I just point you at this post in which my lovely wife and I borrow Neil Gaiman’s lamppost for a bit of Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe Cosplay. And, yes, that’s me standing in a freaking snow bank without a shirt on because that’s the way the costume ought to be done, dammit.

Photo by Matthew Arron Kuchta

Updated to add this shot of Laura and I from nearly 20 years ago as Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Further updated to add the photo credit: Photo by Tesla Seppanen