Laura McCullough, Ph.D.—Publications

Publications by Laura McCullough  (Presentations are here)

Publications (with links where available)

McCullough, L. (2016). “Women and Physics.” IOP Concise Physics series, Morgan & Claypool.

McCullough, L. (2014). “Women in Physics: A Review” and “Gender in the Physics Classroom”. Reprints in Women in Physics, AAPT Press.

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McCullough, L. (2011). “Women’s Leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Barriers to Participation.” Forum on Public Policy Online, Vol 2011 no 2. (August 2011). This paper was presented at the March 2011 Oxford Round Table on Women in the Academy: Progress and Prospects.

McCullough, L. (2011). “Nibbled to Death by Ducks.” Academic Leader 27(8), 7-8. (August 2011.) This short article describes a tool I used as a department chair to help reduce my stress. (Republished as a blog post by Academic Leader August 2012.)

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McCullough, L. (2004). “Gender, Context and Physics Assessment.” Journal of International Women’s Studies 5(4). Special Issue: Women in Science. This paper presents data on the female-stereotyped FCI I developed.

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